Petrobras will lose preemptive rights in pre-salt exploration

Jan 20, 2020

The government will reduce the value of the signature bonus or decrease the percentage of oil sharing with the Union required in the Sépia and Atapu fields, in the pre-salt, informs the Special Secretary of Finance, Waldery Rodrigues. The two fields did not receive offers at the auction for the transfer of rights last year. The objective is to make them more attractive to foreign investors, according to a report by Ribamar Oliveira, in the newspaper Valor Econômico.

“The government also intends to end the preemptive right granted to Petrobras in the exploration of the pre-salt. The technical assessment is that this right distorts competition and alienates competitors,” says the journalist. Once the new model is defined, the intention is to hold the Sépia and Atapu auctions in December.

Source: Valor

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