ANP Director-General Décio Oddone announces resignation – update

15 Jan 2020

The director general of the National Agency of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels, Décio Oddone, delivered a letter to President Jair Bolsonaro and the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, stating that he will leave office in advance. His term would end in December this year. But will remain only until his substitute’s name is approved.

“I never belonged to any political group or counted on a godfather. And I have always believed that a public office should only be exercised as long as the associated mission is yet to be accomplished, ”says Oddone in the letter. He then says that he has fulfilled “the mission undertaken in 2016: to contribute with honesty, transparency and public spirit to the development of the biggest transformation ever produced in the oil and gas sector in Brazil.”

He recalls that the composition of the ANP collegiate board in 2019 has not been changed and that three new directors should be appointed this year. “This way, the first position to be nominated becomes director general,” he added.

According to Oddone, the ANP is starting a new phase, which will require adjustment of the regulations. “ Mandates do not always match the cycles of change, I believe it is time to begin the process of composition of the board of directors that will approve the regulatory changes that will underpin the transformations we have begun to build. Different challenges require professionals with different characteristics ”, states the letter.

Oddone also lists the transformations that have occurred in the sector since taking over the ANP. Among them, he mentions the resumption of oil and gas exploration and production auctions. The creation of a regime of permanent supply of areas, aimed at small and medium oil companies. And conducting studies to move the auction exploratory area beyond 200 miles. Among the management measures, he stressed the transmission of board meetings over the Internet to make management more transparent to society.

Source: Agencia Brasil



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