With an eye on the pre-salt, Splenda Offshore takes over the administration of Angra dos Reis Port

Jan 13, 2020

The Angra dos Reis Port Terminal (TPAR) is under new shareholding control. Investor Splenda Offshore, which also controls operator BULKPORT at Porto do Forno in Arraial do Cabo, took over the management of TPAR, previously leased by Technip Brasil. For Port Terminal General Manager Robson Rangel, the change in administrative control could attract new customers to the operation.

After a period of negotiations, the transfer of shares took place on December 30, 2019, a fact already marked by the announcement of the main project that is the expansion of the Angra Port. With a total area of ​​78,000 square meters, the Angra Port is located in the municipality of Angra dos Reis, in Ilha Grande Bay, south coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, and is an important logistics center to support projects and movements. When asked about the new acquisition, one of Splenda Offshore’s partners, Paulo Narcélio, stated that “we are motivated by the acquisition and are assured of providing high quality services as a port support base for pre-salt vessels.

With experience in the oil and gas and mining sectors, as well as other sectors regulated by government agencies, Splenda Offshore executives intend to make the Angra  Port Terminal a base for the offshore market for pre-salt oil exploration. Strategically located in sheltered waters right in the middle of the Santos Basin, the expansion of the Angra Port will foster manpower training and job creation, as well as attracting new developments to the region. “We are confident that the Angra dos Reis Port Terminal (TPAR), now under the management of Splenda Offshore, will have a new dynamic. Splenda has a project to take advantage of Angra’s strategic location to support the exploration platforms of the new wells. Santos Basin that will make Angra Port an important offshore support base with new business and work opportunities for Angra dos Reis. We wish Splenda much success in this endeavor, which will have the full support of our port authority for its success. ” said Jean Paul Silva, director of Market Relations and Planning at Rio de Janeiro Dock Company (CRDJ).

The Port Terminal has a new Board of Directors comprised of executives Paulo Narcélio Amaral, Leandro Cariello and Luiz Menezes. The New Board is formed by João Paulo Amaral, as New Business Director, Jefferson Martins, CFO, Fábio Portugal, as Commercial Director and Marcos Almeida as Operations Director.

Source: TNPetroleo

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