Ibama opens consultation to model offshore wind licensing in Brazil

January 7, 2020

Ibama has opened a public consultation to receive contributions for the publication of the Model Term of Reference (TR) that will indicate the ways for the preparation of Environmental Impact Studies of offshore wind projects in the country. Contributions can be sent to the environmental agency until April 3.

The reference term currently proposed for analysis foresees the inclusion of wind turbines; underwater connector network; maritime substation, power transmission network, including submarine and underground, as well as the transmission line to the connection to the National Interconnected System (SIN).

Ibama indicates the proposed term was drawn from experience with onshore wind projects and oil and gas exploration projects. Also contributed to the discussions of the International Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment of Offshore Wind Complexes, promoted by Ibama and the initiative to support the EU-Brazil sectoral dialogues.

The Transition Dialogues newsletter shows that Neoenergia has begun licensing three new offshore wind projects in Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Ceará. Together, they add 9 GW of installed capacity to 600 wind turbines – the largest projects under planning in the country.

With the plans, there are up to seven offshore wind installation plans that have already started environmental licensing in Ibama.

Investments in offshore wind projects are beginning to attract the attention of traditional energy producers, but they have also attracted interest from oil and gas companies, particularly in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: epbr

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