Petrobras to decommission 18 offshore platforms at a cost of U$ 6 billion

December 4, 2019

Petrobras plans to decommission 18 offshore oil and gas production platforms over the next five years at a total cost of U$ 6 billion. The data is part of the company’s Business Plan detailed on Wednesday in New York.

The company plans to decommission seven semi-submersible platforms, six fixed platforms and five FPSO floating units.

Most of the activity is in the Campos Basin, where the company will decommission the platforms in the Marlim field, where it invests in revitalizing production and will install two new FPSOs.

The current planning foresees the decommissioning of eight of the platforms installed in the field. In October, Petrobras announced that it has signed a letter of intent with Modec and Yinson to charter the Marlim 1 and Marlim 2 FPSOs, which will be part of the field revitalization project. . The platforms will have capacity to process up to 80,000 bpd (FPSO Marlim 1) and 70,000 bpd (FPSO Marlim 2) of oil and 7 million m³ / day (FPSO Marlim 1) and 4 million m³ / day (FPSO Marlim 2) of natural gas.

For next year, Petrobras intends to decommission seven platforms, six in the Campos Basin and the FPSO Piranema, which produces in the Piranema filed in the Sergipe Basin, and is currently being sold by Petrobras.

The year 2021 will be dedicated exclusively to the decommissioning work of four platforms installed in the Marlim field. As 2022 will have the production stop of FPSO Capixaba, which produces in the Parque das Baleias in the Campos Basin.

Oeste de Ubarana will be the only platform expected to be decommissioned in the northeastern offshore. The shallow water field in the Potiguar Basin, in Rio Grande do Norte, is in water depth between 12 and 21 m, about 22 km from the coast of the municipality of Guamaré.

The last year of Petrobras’ new planning will include the decommissioning of four more platforms in the Marlim field and also the Biquara platform, all in the Campos Basin.

Source: epbr

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