P-50 platform to gain digital twin

Dec 2, 2019

The P-50 platform, which operates in the Albacora Leste field in the Campos Basin, will gain a digital twin. It is a virtual platform mockup, from which you can remotely apply ideas and actions with the potential to reduce costs and increase efficiency and safety in operations. Instead of working on the high seas the company’s employees will be in the administrative building of Vitória (ES).

With the development of the tool will be possible to access the platform data in real time, view and navigate the modules of the unit and perform virtual training. Interacting with virtual assets, instead of using their real counterparts, avoiding risks to the worker and equipment.

Innovation Connections

This is another tool of the Petrobras Connections for Innovation program, which consists of a series of innovation-driven initiatives by stimulating the development of technological solutions for the oil, gas and energy sector. The first module launched last July, in partnership with Sebrae, aims to stimulate the innovation ecosystem of startups, innovative small businesses and science and technology institutions.

The tools that will serve as the basis for the experience are: Integrated Engineering Project Development Platform – 3D Database and Process Flowcharts and Unified Digital Asset Platform in Virtual and Augmented Reality.


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