Petrobras delists its shares from argentine stock exchange

November 11, 2019 –

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, following communications disclosed on 08/09/2019, 10/04/2019 and 11/04/2019, reports that it proceeded today to the withdrawal of the public offering regime in Argentina and that, therefore, today was the last trading
day of the company’s stocks in that market.

Argentine shareholders who still hold stocks of the company may (i) keep their stocks deposited with Caja de Valores (custody agent for the Argentine market); (ii) sell their stocks at its own expense in foreign markets where they are listed and through a foreign mandate system, the shareholder bearing all costs and commissions of the sell trade; or (iii) over the next 4 months, use BBVA Banco Francés S.A. (BBVA) to advise them on the sale of their stocks on the Brazilian stock exchange (B3) with brokerage costs paid by Petrobras.

After this period, the BBVA’s advisory team, appointed in item (iii) above, will remain available to Argentine shareholders for another 6 months, but there will be a brokerage fee of 0.40% charged on the stock sell price that should be paid by the investor.

For more information about this convenient option for stock sale available to Argentine investors, please contact Banco BBVA through the service channels +54 11 4346 4600 or

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