the Indicative Gas Pipeline Plan (IGP), prepared by EPE

The first version of the Indicative Gas Pipeline Plan (IGP), prepared by EPE, mapped 11 potential projects for the extension of the natural gas transmission network, totaling about 2,000 km of new pipelines.

– They represent an estimated investment of R $ 17 billion, to increase the national transportation capacity by 124 million m³ / day.

– Most projects relate to new sources of natural gas from LNG regasification terminals. There are also opportunities to expand the network to connect new markets.

-The IGP replaced the Decennial Plan for Expansion of the Duty Transport Network (PEMAT), which provided for the appointment of gas pipelines for concession auctions, coordinated by the ANP. The IGP, in turn, already considers the possibility of change in the regulation of the sector…

– The government expects the new Gas Law, under discussion in the Chamber of Deputies, to include an authorization regime for the construction of new pipelines, replacing the need for concession auctions.

Visit the EPE site to download the study:

Source: epbr

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