Changes at PPSA and MME

Oct 11, 2019

PPSA’s Contract Management Director, Hércules Silva, leaves the command of the area on the 31st. The dismissal request was accepted by the company’s Board of Directors, which is responsible for managing the Union’s portion of the procuction sharing contracts.

– This will be the third change in management since President Jair Bolsonaro took office. Eduardo Gerk took over the presidency in March and Samir Awad, Administration director, in September.

– The Ministry of Mines and Energy has been requesting Federal Budget Secretary George Soares  R $ 50 million to expand PPSA’s operational capacity to meet the challenges of  the transfer of rights surplus and the 6th pre salt auctions scheduled to take place on November 6 and 7. The request complies with the request of the Federal Court of Audit (TCU) for the state-owned company to be strengthened to represent the Union in production sharing contracts.

Speaking of changes, the Ministry of Mines and Energy announced yesterday the departure of Ricardo Cyrino from the command of the Secretariat of Energy. Rodrigo Limp is the most rated for the vacancy.

Renata Isfer was chosen to take over the MME’s Secretariat of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels, replacing Márcio Félix, who left office in early September.

– Renata Isfer already acts as Secretary in charge of the Oil and Gas area since the departure of Felix


– Previously, she worked as a legal consultant at MME, since 2016. She is a servant of the Federal Attorney General (AGU).

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