Santos Basin will have one more platform

Sept 9, 2019

Oil and natural gas production at the Berbigão and Sururu fields in the Santos Basin will be inaugurated by the end of the year, according to Márcio Naumann, Valongo’s Petrobras Operational Support manager.

The extraction will be done by the P-68 FPSO platform for extracting, storing and transporting which is at the Jurong shipyard in Aracruz (ES). The investment is U$ 2.6 billion (R$ 10.66 billion), according to what the oil company informed Estadão Content.

Last Tuesday, Naumann presented the production scenarios in the Santos Basin in a lecture at the Association of Engineers and Architects of Santos (Aeas).

According to him, the participation of pre-salt, mainly from the Santos Basin (the layer advances to Campos), in the national production increases rapidly.

The P-68 will produce up to 150,000 barrels per day and 6 million cubic meters of gas at 2,200 meters deep. This capacity is equivalent to almost one tenth of what is extracted today in Santos.

The latest bulletin from the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) of August 31, says that national production (including all oil) reached 3.556 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe, oil plus gas calculated in barrels). Excluding gas, it was 2.775 million barrels of oil.

However, Naumann said that only the Lula field, the largest in Santos and  in Brazil, reached a record 1.1 million boe per day.

Lula, alone, already has nine platforms in operation, while Sapinhoá field has two. There are still four units in Buzios and one in Mero.

Pre-salt production (Santos plus Campos) reached 61.4% of the national total according to ANP.

Due to the pre-salt, Santos surpassed Campos, with 2,109 million boe / d against 1,133 million boe / d. Exploited since the 1970s, Campos is in decline. Naumann says one of the company’s goals is to restore the productivity of this basin.

Source: The Tribune

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