Next steps for the Transfer of Rights: announcement, articulation with TCU and new investiture in the Chamber

Sept 6, 2019

ANP is expected to publish this Friday (6) the announcement of the auction of surplus of the Transfer of Rights, another step towards meeting the goal of holding the auction on November 6.

– Yesterday, the agency’s board of directors concluded the installation of the special bidding commissions (CELs) of the transfer of Rights surplus auction and the 6th round of pre-salt sharing, scheduled for November 7th. The 16th block concession round is scheduled for October 10.

The road to the Transfer of Rights surplus auction still has to pass through the House and the TCU, which must approve the bidding rules. The government has anticipated and the announcement must include measures agreed with the court.

– Among them, access to data of the areas. TCU wants to ensure that all competitors will have the same information, without privileges to Petrobras, which already operates the areas, and any partners that close deals to form a consortium with the state company.

– On Monday (2), Minister Bento Albuquerque and TCU Minister Raimundo Carreiro met to discuss the issue.

In the House, the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, makes a new attempt for the apportionment of the auction bonus, after Rio de Janeiro guaranteed an additional portion of $ 2.2 billion.

– Eduardo Leite tries to change the division criterion to consider the compensation for loss of state revenues due to the Kandir Law.

Source: epbr

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