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September 4, 2019

Petrobras plans to drill ten wells in five production sharing areas in about two years

Petrobras will start new exploratory campaigns in the Campos and Santos Basins pre-salt in the first quarter of 2020. Work on five production sharing areas will include drilling ten wells by the second quarter of 2022.

Two wells are planned in Uirapuru, two in Três Marias and one in the surroundings of Sapinhoá, within 802 days, and three in Alto de Cabo Frio Central and two in Dois Irmãos in 808 days. It is expected that two drill ships will be used in the campaigns (one in each set of areas).

Acquired in the 4th round of sharing in 2018, Três Marias and Uirapuru are, respectively, 242 km and 215 km from Rio de Janeiro city, while Entorno de Sapinhoá is 290 km from the same point. Dois Irmaos (4th round) and Alto de Cabo Frio Central (3rd) are, in that order, 263 km and 206 km from the state capital.

In Três Marias, Petrobras has Chevron and Shell as partners, and in Uirapuru; Petrogal, Equinor and Exxon. In Dois Irmãos – the partners are Equinor and BP; and in Alto de Cabo Frio Central, BP.

Acquired by Petrobras in the 3rd pre-salt auction in partnership with CNODC and BP, the Peroba area has already started its exploratory campaign.

To support the new exploration activities, Petrobras launched a tender to contract air support for 975 days and sea / land support (1,140 days). Proposals will be delivered by the 27th.

Source: BE Petroleo




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