Benthic, a global geosciences company in subsea services group Acteon, has announced plans to open its first Brazilian technology center and geotechnical laboratory in Rio de Janeiro. The state-of-the-art facility will open later this year in the Technological Park of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Benthic aims to use the center for geoscience research, development and innovation projects with a focus on the oil, gas and offshore wind sectors. This is part of Acteon’s overall aim of enabling companies to reduce the lifetime costs of owning and operating their critical infrastructure.

“The Technological Park offers an environment conducive to innovation projects and proximity to the university’s geoscience laboratories and other established companies,” said Greg Fyffe, vice president of strategy for Benthic.

The technology center will be home to Benthic’s first advanced geotechnical and geological soil research laboratory. The company’s highly qualified team will use cutting-edge technology to perform testing with complex requirements in-house. This will provide Brazilian operators with a local laboratory and remove the need to transport samples overseas for advanced testing.

“Technological development is at the heart of Benthic,” adds Steve Pywell, Benthic chief executive officer. “In the 20 years since we were spun off from the University of Sydney, Australia, we have developed countless innovative and successful technologies. Our company works with universities around the world and our partnership with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is of paramount importance for our operations in the important deepwater market of Brazil.”

The technology center is scheduled to begin operations during the third quarter of this year. The demand for laboratory work has already been established with contracts in place, and Benthic is evaluating research and development projects in partnership with customers in Brazil. Some of these projects aim to use resources derived from the research, development and innovation clause of the National Agency for Petroleum Natural Gas and Biofuels.



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About Benthic

Benthic, part of the Acteon group, is a global leader in offshore marine geotechnical investigation, survey, analysis and design. The company’s proprietary PROD technology has led the way in high-quality, ultra-shallow- and ultra-deep-water site investigations through capabilities in water depths ranging from 0 to more than 3000 m. Benthic takes pride in its groundbreaking technological innovations that help to overcome technical and environmental barriers and enable its clients to gather data in conditions that were considered prohibitive just a decade ago.

The company continues to invest in the future, with new technologies and processes that extend the boundaries of subsea investigation and analysis. Benthic’s flexible, solutions-driven approach enables the delivery of timely, high-quality services to clients that are tailored to their unique project objectives.


About Acteon

Acteon provides a range of industry-leading products and services supplied by its operating companies to support subsea projects during any phase of the life of a field; solutions that create and manage the delivery of fully integrated services to answer to complex, customer-specific challenges of any scale or complexity; and strategic innovations that answer unmet long-term or industry-wide needs. The Acteon field life service team delivers Acteon solutions and strategic innovations in collaboration with customers and partners through conventional or new commercial models.

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