Longer term for evaluation plan for Tango

Aug 7, 2019

The ANP approved the extension of the drilling decision point deadline and the deadline of the Discovery Evaluation Plan (DEP) of well 1-BRSA-1175-CES (Tango), in the POT-M-665 block, in deep waters in the Potiguar Basin, on the Brazilian equatorial margin. The discovery well drilling was conducted by Diamond Offshore’s semi-submersible Ocean Courage.

The regulatory agency granted the extension until October 14, 2020 for the end of the exploratory well drilling decision point and contingent activities and the amendment of the DEP deadline to September 18, 2022.

Located 50 km off the coast of Rio Grande do Norte, the asset was acquired in the seventh round and is part of concession agreement BM-POT-17. Petrobras is the operator of the area, with 40%, and its partners are BP (40%) and Petrogal (20%).

The Brazilian state-owned company requested a review of the DEP due to delays of 12 months in the availability of data from the 3D seismic survey, due to the passage of the seismic vessel by an area of ​​environmental sensitivity associated with the fishing period, which impacted on obtaining environmental licensing.

Source: BE Petroleo

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