Petrobras launches EPCI bid for Buzios 5

July 26, 2019

Petrobras has launched a bid to contract engineering design, goods supply, installation and subsea interconnection services for the first wave rigid pipelines of the Buzios 5 field, in the Santos Basin pre-salt.

The project implementation comprises the connection to the future FPSO of five producing wells, five injectors and an export pipeline interconnected to the Route 3 pipeline, whose installation is in its final phase.

For the production and injection system WAG (alternating water with gas) rigid ducts will be used and, for the service lines, water injection and control of the wells, flexible hoses and electro-hydraulic umbilicals.

The riser configuration will be of the Steel Lazy-Wave Risers (SLWR) type with associated flowlines. In interconnections with the FPSO and wet Christmas trees (ANMs), flexible joints and rigid jumpers will be used, respectively.

The basic project was developed by Petrobras. In the public notice, the state company notes that the engineering project “has flexibility (…) so that Subsea Leiaute (…) can be revised throughout the project development”.

The term of the contract will be 1,620 days (about four and a half years).

Project Details

The definitive production system of Module 5 of the Buzios field is located in deep waters of the Santos Basin, in water depth ranging between 1,537 thousand m and 2,190 thousand m. The project foresees the interconnection to the FPSO of 15 wells (eight producers and seven injectors), divided into two phases.

The right to exploit the asset (ex Franco) was acquired by Petrobras in the form of a costly assignment with a production facility project specified for a 25-year operating life, with the first oil expected to occur in September 2022.

The recently used Modec FPSO will have a specified gas processing plant to separate and reinject CO2 into the reservoir. The reinjection may be done with the associated alternating reservoir gas (WAG).

Source: BE Petroleo

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