Petrobras Production and sales highlights in 2Q19

July 25th, 2019

We had a solid operating performance in 2Q19, especially in the pre-salt fields, which accounted for 57% of our oil production. In May, we completed ten years of pre-salt production in the Santos Basin, with efficiency and productivity indicators above the offshore industries average. In just one decade, the accumulated operated production (Petrobras plus partners) in the Santos Basin pre-salt reached 2.5 billion boe, a significant volume, which corresponds to all proven reserves in Argentina, for example.
The unique features of the Santos Basin pre-salt, such as the location in ultra-deep waters, the 2 km thick salt layer and the 300 km distance from the coast, were an unprecedented challenge in the oil and gas industry. Ten years after Tupi’s first oil, we not only developed unprecedented solutions to overcome pre-salt challenges by employing the highest technical expertise, but we also proved its economic viability and set a sequence of records.
Read full report : Relatorio-de-Producao-e-Vendas-Ingles 2Q2019

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