Petrobras clarifies on divestment of Enchova and Pampo Clusters

July 11, 2019

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras clarifies, in relation to the note published today, by columnist Ancelmo Góis, in O Globo, that the information regarding the sale project of Pampo and Enchova Clusters is not correct, especially as to the reasons that led the company to carry out a new round of proposals and to the order of classification of the participants in the previous phases of the process.

The competitive process conducted by Petrobras fully observes the rules applicable to it, in particular Decree 9,355/2018 and the divestment methodology approved by the Brazilian Federal Audit Court.

In accordance with the statement released to the market on 06/25/2019, Petrobras reiterates that the completion of a new round of proposals aimed at clarifying some of the rules of the process, ensuring the isonomy, transparency and competitiveness of the divestiture process. The preservation of these principles is a fundamental value for the competitive processes carried out by Petrobras.

The proposals for the new round were received by Petrobras and the result of this stage is being deliberated by the company’s competent bodies. New information about the process will be disclosed to the market in a timely manner.


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