Petrobras “Pool” secures six drilling rigs

July 9, 2019

The board of Petrobras will appreciate, this week, the contracting of six drilling rigs for its portfolio with capacity for operation in 2 thousand m of water depth. The new charters, which include three Constellation equipment (Alpha Star, Gold Star and Amaralina Star), one from Ocyan (Norbe VI) and two from Petroserv (Carolina and Victoria), all in the “pool” bidding.

The rigs – four semi-submersibles and two drillships – will be chartered with daily rates ranging from U$ 135,000 to about U$ 160,000. Petrobras called the companies to negotiate and only closed deals with the groups that reduced their rates to close to that level.

Negotiations began in May and were completed early in July. Originally, Alpha Star and Gold Star were offered with daily rates in the range of $ 130,000 (without mobilization fee), ranking first and second, respectively.

With original daily turnover of around US $ 160,000, Amaralina Star and Norbe VI were ranked third and fourth. The prices offered by Petroserv, at the time, were above US $ 160 thousand.

The commercial proposals were opened in April. In addition to the three winning companies, Seadril, Transocean / Ocean Rig and Noble also disputed the contracts. According to the report, Petrobras even called Seadrill, but the Norwegian rig operator did not reduce its rate.

Chartered drill rigs will operate along coastlines – with no pre-defined location, but always on post-salt projects – and will have to be ready to start a contract in September.

The notice allows the option of two different terms for the charter contract: one of one year, with possibility of renewal for the same period, and another of two years.

Source: Brazil Energy

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  1. I fail to see any advantage gained by Petrobras in pushing the day rates as low as this. All that will happen is the operating crew will suffer pay cuts, maintenance will be cut, rig reliability will deteriorate and safety will suffer. There is no way any 6th generation ultra deepwater DP rig or drillship can be operated safely for as little as US$130k.

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