Houston group presents lower price to decommission Cação

June 24, 2019

EPIC Applied Technologies presented the lowest bid price to decommission the three fixed platforms of the Cação field, in the Campos Basin. The offer was US $ 30.1 million, 20% lower than that proposed by second-placed William Jacob Management (US $ 37.8 million)

With headquarters in Houston, Texas, EPIC operates in the decommissioning, installation and maintenance markets, aggregating five business units: Heavy Lift, Diving and Marine, Well Services, EOT Cutting and TSB Offshore.

Other nine companies presented offers in the competition: Triunfo (US $ 38.5 million), Allseas (US $ 40.9 million), Brazil-Mota Consortium (US $ 43.2 million), Saipem , Alphatec ($ 50.3 million), Sapura Energy ($ 51.9 million), McDermott ($ 73.5 million), Sacanb Offshore ($ 77.4 million) and SS Naval ($ 200 million) .

The tender calls for the removal of all equipment and surface materials, such as gangways, cranes, topsides and jackets, as well as materials identified with the presence of naturally occurring radiation (NORM).

The scope also includes equipment cutting services and underwater structures such as stakes, conductors and pipelines in depth up to 1.5 m below the sea floor. The abandonment of field wells was completed in September 2016.

Anything removed should be transported to a specific area defined by the contractor, and decks and jackets must be dismantled and disposed of as scrap. In the case of NORM materials, these should be taken to an area to be indicated by Petrobras.

The contracted company should start offshore activities by July 2020, and from that date, 90 days to make the final disposal of the structures, materials and equipment of the Cação platforms.

With a duration of two years, the contract is scheduled to start in March 2020.

Source: Brazil Energy

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  1. Dear, this process was already waiting for good weather! now where are these paltaformas going to be discarded? By Oswaldo M.M. AVANTE RJ Brasil

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