Enauta receives approval from ANP to formalize Dommo’s assignment of Atlanta field – BS-4

June 19, 2019

Enauta (formerly Queiroz Galvão E & P) received the approval of the ANP for compulsory assignment of Dommo’s (former OGX) participation in the Atlanta field (BS-4). The decision was taken by the agency’s board on Wednesday (19).

The decision is one of the steps to formalize the shares of Dommo Energia for Enauta and Barra Energia, which will formally each hold 50% in the BS-4 contract, where the Atlanta field is located, in the post-salt Santos Basin. For the purposes of production appropriation and reserves, the companies already considered the exit of the Dommo, based on arbitration decisions of 2018, retroactive to October 2017.

The reason for the compulsory assignment is Dommo’s default on the consortium, which failed to pay its share in the exploration and development expenses of the Atlanta field. At the end of the first quarter of this year, Enauta reported in its results that Dommo’s debt was R $ 21.6 million for each of the former members.


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