Petrobras clarifies on natural gas discovery in the Sergipe Basin

June 17, 2019

Petróleo Brasileiro SA – Petrobras, regarding the news published in the media, related the discovery of natural gas in the Sergipe Basin, clarifies that, in recent years, six deepwater discoveries have been confirmed in the Sergipe Basin: Cumbe, Barra, Farfan, Muriú, Moita Bonita and Poço Verde, as already disclosed to the market.
The 2019-2023 Business and Management Plan contemplates the budget for the installation of a production system, with studies on this project being in its initial phase.

The company is conducting the Discovery Assessment Plan for these areas to evaluate the productive potential of its oil and natural gas accumulations, and a long-term test in the Farfan area is planned for this year, with the objective of obtaining information which will support the studies for a better characterization of the reservoir rock and the fluids of this area.

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