The proposals for the purchase of 90% of the network of more than 3 thousand kilometers of pipelines in the Northeast, NTN, are scheduled for next Tuesday. This network the transports and stores natural gas for the north and northeast of Brazil. Petrobras expects to raise at least U$ 6 billion from this sale. The company expects to reach $ 21 billion in divestitures by the end of next year. For this, it is selling large company assets, such as NTS, high-output oil fields and even BR Distribuidora.

The assessment from potential buyers is that NTN offers a return less than NTS, but with a wide margin of profit. After all, Petrobras, as soon as it sells, will pay a flat rate if it does not use the gas pipeline and will pay a higher rate when using the gas pipeline. So there are many interested investors.

Some potential investors saw what Brookfield is gaining from NTS and were encouraged to join NTN.

The Mubadala Fund, Engie, Pátria Investimentos, Blackstone, Macquaire, EIG Global Energy Partners are submitting proposals.

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