2018 Pre-salt auction will have a bonus of R $ 4.65 bi


The National Council for Energy Policy (CNPE) published this Friday (27/11), in an extraordinary edition of the Official Gazette, the resolutions that define the parameters of the 4th pre-salt auction, scheduled for June 7, and the 15th round of the ANP, scheduled for March 29. A resolution foresees that the areas that will be offered in the next year’s pre-salt auction will have a minimum bonus of R $ 4.65 billion. The resolutions were a condition for the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) to publish the pre-bidding documents and draft contracts.

With the publication of the resolution on the 4th pre-salt auction, Petrobras has 30 days to express interest in the operation of the areas that will be offered in the competition. The company may, however, anticipate this deadline if its studies have already been completed.

The Uirapuru block will be the area with the highest fixed bonus of the pre-salt auction, R $ 2.65 billion, followed by the Saturn block, with a bonus of R $ 1.45 billion. The two blocks have minimal oil profit share for the Union defined in 22.18% and 14.12%, respectively. The competition will also offer the areas of Itaimbezinho, Três Marias and Dois Irmãos, which have bonuses set at R $ 50, R $ 100 and R $ 400 million.

The 4th pre-salt auction will have 18% local content for the exploratory phase of the blocks. In the development of the production was established the minimum of 25% for well construction; of 40% for the Collection and Drainage System; and 25% for the Stationary Production Unit. The indices are the same for the 14th round and the 3rd pre-salt auction, held in September and October.

The 15th round will have altogether 70 exploratory blocks, 49 blocks in the sea. The auction will bid in the Campos Basin blocks in the SC-AP-5 sector, which was withdrawn by Lula’s government from the 9th round in 2007, after the discovery of the pre-salt. There are, however, no blocks from the 2007 auction in the 2018 competition. Also blocks will be offered in the Ceará, Potiguar, Sergipe-Alagoas, Campos and Santos basins, including two blocks adjacent to Saturn. In addition, 21 concessions are being offered in the terrestrial basins of Paraná and Parnaíba.

The 2018 concession auction will have local content of 50% for the phases of exploration and development of the production of terrestrial areas. At sea, the indices are identical to those applied in the pre-salt auction.

In neither of the two auctions will there be the possibility of waiver requests for local content.

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