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ANP – Round 2 received 10 expressions of interest while Round 3 received 15

The ANP received 10 expressions of interest for the 2nd Round of the Pre-salt and 15 for the 3rd Round, which will be held on October 27 in Rio de Janeiro. The applications for these companies, the largest in the oil and gas sector, will be analyzed at the meetings of the Special Bidding Commission, scheduled for September 13 and 25 and October 2.

Each auction will have four areas. The 2nd Round will offer four areas with unitizable deposits, that is, adjacent to fields or prospects whose reservoirs extend beyond the granted area. The areas are related to the discoveries denominated by Gato do Mato and Carcará, and to the fields of Tartaruga Verde and Sapinhoá. The 3rd Round will offer four areas located in the Campos and Santos basins, in the region of the pre-salt polygon, related to the prospects of Pau Brasil, Peroba, Alto de Cabo Frio-Oeste and Alto de Cabo Frio-Central.

For the first time, Brazil has a calendar of bidding rounds. From now until 2019, with the expected nine auctions, there is an expectation of investments of US $ 80 billion, 300 marine wells, 10 billion barrels recoverable oil, around US $ 100 billion in royalties, 17 new production units, plus 2 million barrels of oil per day, over the duration of the contracts.

Future Bids


2nd Round of Production Sharing

Focus: Gato do Mato, Carcará, Sapinhoá and Tartaruga Verde

Date: October 27

Round 14

Focus: East Bank and Ground Rails

Date: September 27

Production Shift 3rd Round

Focus: Peroba, Pau Brazil, Alto de Cabo Frio – Oeste and Alto de Cabo Frio – Central

Date: October 27



4th Production Sharing Round

Focus: Saturn, Tres Marias, Uirapuru, C-M-537, C-M-655, C-M-657 and C-M-709

Date: May 2018

Round 15

Focus: Equatorial Margin and Land Basins

Date: May 2018

5th Round of Mature Areas

Focus: To be defined

Date: To be defined



5th Production Sharing Round

Focus: Aram, Boomerang and Southeast of Lula, South and Southwest of Jupiter

Date: 3rd Quarter 2019

Round 16

Focus: East Bank and Land Basins

Date: 3rd Quarter 2019

6th Rounds of Mature Areas

Focus: To be defined

Date: To be defined

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