Offshore Activity



  1. August, 2017

Petrobras acted fast and has already chosen the companies that will replace UTC in the maintenance work of platforms in the Campos Basin. The winners were G & E, Actmium, VINCI Energies Group and CSE, which had 70% of the company bought by Aker Solutions. What was only UTC was divided into four contracts. From now on, as usual, negotiations will be opened in search of discounts.

On July 10, after retaining more than R $ 20 million for maintenance services performed on its platforms, Petrobras removed UTC from the platforms P-18, P-19, P-20, P-26, P -33, P-35, P-37, P-50, P-52, P-54, P-55 and P-62. All company employees were dismissed and only 15 workers remained on each platform to oversee the closure of services.  But there may be a chance of workers being readmitted by new companies, based on the experience they have acquired. Petrobras maintained the attitude of non-payment and also reported that “would adopt appropriate administrative and judicial measures.” One week later, UTC Participações filed a petition for judicial reorganization at the 2nd Bankruptcy and Judicial Recovery Court in São Paulo, due to a debt of R $ 3.4 billion. The breach of the platform agreement was the last straw for the company to file for recovery.

The result of the bidding, has not yet been officially disclosed, but had this result:

LOT A –  Maintenance Services – P-52, P-54, P-55 and P-62. G & E presented the best price: R $ 311,575,478.11

LOT B –  Maintenance Services for Platforms PRA 1 and P-53. Actemium, of the VINCI Energies Group, presented the best price: R $ 251,933,827.06

LOT C – Maintenance Services for Platforms P-38, P-51 and P-56. Once again  Actemium, from the VINCI ENERGIES Group, presented the best price: R $ 392,267,455.00

LOT D – Maintenance Services of Platforms P-47, P-48 and P-50. CSE of Aker Solutions presented the best price: R $ 313,621,971.80

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