Scheduled shutdown of the P-58 platform in the Campos Basin is completed by Elfe


Parque das Baleias in the Campos Basin. Petrobras held a scheduled 20-day shutdown on the P-58 platform, the largest unit of the oil company in production volume. According to technicians from Elfe, the company responsible for the shutdown, the services of improvements in the design of the platform were carried out successfully. The P-58 is installed in Parque das Baleias, in the Capixaba portion of the Campos Basin, pre-salt region.

The work, carried out between July 6 and 25, involved 25,000 man-hours worked, with approximately 300 people on board, among Elfe’s own employees and contractors.

The TAR, the index by which Petrobras measures the occurrence of accidents, was zero, which means that there was no accident during the stop. In addition, the rigid execution schedule was met with punctuality and security.

The high-complexity operation included welds of superduplex material (extremely fine alloy and very hard) and other alloying materials, cleaning and exchange of heat exchangers, valve installation services and other boiler, instrumentation, electrical and mechanical services. In addition, painting was done with professional climbers.

Elfe continues to perform painting services and project improvements, already with the platform in operation.

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