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Chevron and ExxonMobil suggest changes in pre-salt round bidding


US-based Chevron and ExxonMobil are among the oil companies monitoring business opportunities in the second and third rounds of pre-salt sharing scheduled for October 27. The two companies were the only multinationals in the industry to submit individual proposals for changes to the bidding document and contract model of bidding processes during the public consultation.

One of Chevron’s main contributions was the expansion of the exploratory period. The company suggests that the deadline for completion of the exploration cycle for the 3rd round areas should be extended from six to seven years.

The oil company also made specific suggestions for some of the assets of the second round. The proposal is that the exploratory term of the adjacent areas of Carcará and Gato do Mato, in the Santos Basin, be extended from three to four years.

“It must be considered that despite the discovery, the winning bidder will need more time to carry out its internal studies, in addition to environmental licensing to carry out the exploratory activities,” says the proposal sent by Chevron.


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