Petrobras to install four new platforms in the Campos Basin


Cristina Indio do Brasil – Agência Brasil reporter

Petrobras intends to install four new platforms in the Campos Basin in the coming years. The first will be the FPSO Cidade de Campos de Goytacazes, destined to the production of oil in the fields of Tartaruga Verde and Tartaruga Mestiço. Two other units will operate in the Marlim Field and the fourth in the pre-salt area in the Albacora concession.

According to the Manager of the Campos Basin Complementary Projects area, Mauro Destri, the idea is that, with the revitalization of the Marlim Field, the state company will be able to produce in this area until 2052.

The Marlim revitalization project is one of Petrobras’ bets to reduce the natural decline in production in the Campos Basin, according to the manager. The steady decline of the area is around 9%, while the world average is at 12%. “We have been discovering, developing, producing and bringing in new units in the Campos Basin for 40 years,” said Destri, who attended Brazil Offshore in Macaé, in the north of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to this proposal, Petrobras has invested in increasing production through strategic partnerships, in the development and application of new technologies and in processes to extend the term of concession of other fields in the Campos Basin. “The natural decline of the mature fields is somewhat controlled and with the possibility of even regression at times, which gives us a safety of a Campos Basin producing for much longer,” added the manager.

Currently, production in the Campos Basin is about 1.3 million barrels / day. This volume represents 64% of the total production of the Brazilian company.

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