Offshore Activity

 Benthic’s PROD Aces Libra


Houston, June 14, 2017 – On Friday, February 24th Benthic Brasil Ltda., a wholly owned subsidiary of Benthic Geotech Pty Ltd, successfully completed the offshore phase of a major geotechnical site investigation on the Libra Consortium’s ultra-deepwater Libra project.  Utilizing Benthic’s proprietary PROD (Portable Remotely Operated Drill) seabed founded drill rig, the fieldwork phase was completed ahead of schedule and to the highest standards of quality and safety.  There were zero LTI’s (lost time incidents), with project man hours exceeding 42,000. Negligible weather downtime was experienced, demonstrating the superior operating envelope of this world leading technology.

Samples and in situ test data will be processed and analyzed in a local onshore laboratory, the results of which will used to design foundations for multiple future FPSO’s and other seabed structures.

This marks Benthic’s maiden project in Brazil and the first time seabed drilling technology has been employed in this market.  In another Brazilian first, PROD successfully cored to 80m below mud line in water depths to 2339m, obtaining critical geological information that had been unobtainable using traditional methods.  It was Benthic’s 45th seabed drilling project.

Now that the enhanced capability, data quality and efficiency of the PROD system has been proven to the Brazilian market, Benthic is confident of a bright future in Brazil.

Commenting on the site investigation, Benthic’s CEO Steve Pywell stated “We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to showcase PROD’s superior capabilities in ultra-deepwater to Petrobras, and have once again proven PROD is the safest, highest quality and most efficient geotechnical data gathering system on the market.”


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