June 13, 2017

The result of the bidding that will complete the NGPU works of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex (Comperj) , will be announced in July.

Of the 34 foreign companies invited to participate, only four submitted proposals with the required certifications: Toyo, Fluor, Cobra and Kervi. The basic price that Petrobras has set is R$2.0 billion, but this amount might be too low, according to analysts.

The Natural Gas Processing Unit of Comperj, is the only major work planned under Petrobras’ 2015-2019 Investment Plan, but two other units that are to be integrated must also be completed, as well as the interconnection between them.

This tender was published by Petronotícias on January 10 of this year and gave rise to an intense debate about the participation of Brazilian companies, which were not invited. The range of invited international companies expanded, with invitations to Japan’s Toyo and Spanish companies Cobra and Duro Felgueira. Most likely they will have to partner with national companies.

All the companies classified and that presented proposals are strong and well-known in the international market. Some have already done works for Petrobras.

The amount they will present in their proposals may exceed the limit established by Petrobras of R $ 2 billion to complete the unit. This value has been questioned by engineers who know the work and know what still needs to be done to completion.

Just over two years ago, Petrobras preventively suspended 27 of the largest Brazilian contractors due to Lava Jato’s denunciations. They were the only Brazilian companies with certificates to build a unit of this magnitude. Recently Petrobras cleared Andrade Gutierrez, but there was not enough time for the Brazilian company to participate in this event.

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