Petrobras – Legal proceedings related to Petros Plan

Rio de Janeiro, June 01, 2017  – Petrobras informs that the Federal Court recognized, in a first instance decision, the deductibility in the tax basis of the Corporate Income Tax and the Social Contribution on Net Profits of expenses related to the renegotiation of Petros Plan. However, such deduction would be limited to 20% of the employees’ total wages and the remuneration of the Company’s executive officers.

Petrobras filed a request for clarification with regard to some aspects of the decision, which may still be appealed to a higher court. Therefore, the decision is not final.

The information in connection with these proceedings was incorporated into the financial statements for the first quarter of 2017, in explanatory note No. 28 (Provisions for legal proceedings – item 28.3 – Contingent liabilities).

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