Petrobras announces auction to sell seven drilling rigs

In line with its Strategic Plan / PNG 2017-21, which intends to reduce the company’s costs, Petrobras announced that it will sell seven drilling rigs through an international auction.

The units will be auctioned at a public hearing, due to take place on May 10 and interested companies have until one day before to qualify and submit bids at the competition.

The drill ships for sale are P-3, P-10, P-23, P-26, P-27, P-59 and P-60, all currently docked at the company’s construction site in São Roque do Paraguaçu, Bahia. Companies interested in the auction can visit on-site until April 28.

Petrobras said that the scenario of low oil prices has led to a reduction in the demand for drill rigs worldwide and that the company is monitoring this issue and carrying out a re-adaptation of the fleet to its needs.

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