Justice releases Petrobras to tender two pre-salt platforms

Petrobras recently had two important victories in court that freed the company to continue the bidding process for the hiring of Libra and Sepia FPSOs for the pre-salt fields. Judge Néviton Guedes, of the 5th group of the Federal Regional Court (TRF) of the 1st region, accepted Petrobras’ appeal on 17 October and overturned the injunction suspending the tender for the Libra FPSO, which Petrobras intends to hire abroad.


Petrobras had a victory over Sepia’s FPSO when it was recently denied the injunction that also sought to suspend its hiring by Judge Ivana Silva da Luz of the 6th Civil Court of the Judicial Section of the Federal District. With this, Petrobras intends to accelerate the processes so as not to delay its production schedules foreseen for 2020.

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