Public consultation on request of waiver of the FPSO for Libra – ANP



ANP will open today a “Public Consultation” to collect data to analyze the request of exemption of compliance of local content (waiver) for the FPSO of Libra. The consultation will last 30 days, counting from the publication in the Official Gazette of the Union. Contributions can be sent to the address The Public Hearing is scheduled for 30/3.

The objective of  ANP is to guarantee the transparency and the participation of all interested parties in the decision-making process. All the contributions, as well as the documents of the administrative process that are not considered confidential, will be published in the page of public consultations of the ANP ( = Default).

The request for exemption from Local Content obligations related to the contracting of the Stationary Production Unit, which will be allocated to the Pilot Project of Libra, was presented by Petrobras on August 30, 2016. Since then,  ANP has been analyzing the documentation sent by the company and requested additional information for the investigation of the case.

After analyzing the information received, the technical area will prepare a recommendation to the Collegiate Board, which will decide on the request.

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