Petrobras to receive R$81 million from Rolls-Royce leniency agreement

Petrobras will receive approximately R $ 81 million from the British company Rolls-Royce, which entered into a leniency agreement with the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) under Operation Lava Jato. The agreement provides for the full return of the net profit obtained by the company in six contracts for the supply of goods and services to Petrobras. It also includes the full amount paid as commission to intermediaries hired to act before the company and the payment of a fine, provided for in the Law of Improbity, equivalent to once the value of the commissions of the intermediaries.


“We are continuously collaborating with all the investigations and we have achieved significant results,” says Legal Executive Manager Taísa Maciel.


The return of the amounts to be paid by Rolls-Royce will be made within 90 days from the homologation of the agreement by the 5th Board of Coordination and Revision of the Federal Public Ministry.


Petrobras seeks to receive potential value of R $ 5.5 billion


Prior to the Rolls-Royce appeals, the MPF’s award-winning collaboration and leniency agreements have already enabled the company to recover R $ 661 million. Petrobras seeks to receive a potential value of R $ 5.5 billion from Operation Lava Jato, in eight suits of administrative impropriety, as well as other legal measures against companies and individuals, including former employees and politicians, who caused financial damages and to the image of the company.

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