January 13, 2017

In the first three audits conducted by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) to verify compliance with local content, Petrobras was fined in all of them. The state-owned company was punished for not reaching the percentages in blocks REC-T-181, in the Recôncavo Basin; and S-M-1480 and S-M-1482, in the Santos Basin.

In the case of the REC-T-181 block, the overall content of the exploration phase was 80%, but Petrobrás reached only 71.04%. As a result the fine is R $ 1.1 million. In the case of the two blocks of the Santos Basin, the fines totaled around R $ 25 thousand. In both cases, Petrobrás did not reach the recommended percentage in the interpretation and processing of data.

All three blocks are ending the exploration phase. Block REC-T-181 was sold during the 9th round of bids, while blocks S-M-1480 and S-M-1482 were acquired in the 5th round.

Categories: Petrobras

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