Benthic ‘prodding’ at Petrobras’ Libra field (Brazil)



Brazil’s Petrobras has hired Benthic, a geosciences company, to carry out an offshore geotechnical investigation in the Libra field, offshore Brazil.

Benthic’s PROD (Portable Remotely Operated Drill) will perform in-situ testing and sampling to a maximum penetration depth of 80 meters below the mudline, in water depths ranging from 400 to 2,300 meters.

Following data collection, Benthic will log, process data, and test and profile the samples with a Multi Sensor Core Logger onboard the vessel, after which onshore laboratory testing and
consolidation reporting will be managed by Benthic.

“This milestone project will expand Benthic’s operations into Brazil and is the maiden seafloor drilling project in the country. We are confident in PROD’s ability to execute the project to Petrobras’s highest satisfaction,” said Greg Fyffe, Vice President Operations. Benthic will begin field operations in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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