Nov. 7, 2016/Petronoticias

Petrobras has taken a step forward that can give a lot of agility to small contractors from now on. It has introduced a program called Simplifica (Simplify) Petrobrás, which will review the internal procedures for purchasing small-value goods and services, in order to reduce bureaucracy and the board’s demand for less impacting decisions for the company.

The program will allow managers more autonomy to sign smaller contracts in all areas, without the need for a second signature, for amounts up to R $ 4 thousand. In the operational area the gain of agility will be even greater, since it will allow the same mechanism for contracting of up to R $ 160 thousand in which the Petronect purchasing system will automatically pick and rotate the suppliers registered in the CRCC for that acquisition, without direct interference of the manager.

The company’s calculations point to a reduction of more than 50% in the number of signatures demanded by the board – a sum of up to 200,000 per year, more than 547 signatures per day, including weekends, holidays, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The project was introduced by Strategic Director Nelson Silva, former president of BG Brazil. One of the highlights of the plan was the inflation readjustment of the amounts so that the managers can contract goods and services directly, which had not happened for 11 years.

One concern that was raised was the relaxation with compliance and compliance rules, which became more relevant within Petrobrás after Lava Jato. But the business in the contracting range of up to R $ 160 thousand, although they account for 83% of the volume of contracts, does not exceed 1% of the company’s spenditures for these purposes. The Governance board, led by Director João Elek, approved the program.

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