Petrobras signs strategic alliance with Total in the areas of Exploration and Production and Gas and Power


Oct. 24, 2016

Petrobras president, Pedro Parente, and the president of Total, Patrick POUYANNE, signed a memorandum of understanding to consolidate a strategic alliance in the segments of Exploration and Production (E & P) and Gas and Energy (G & E) in Brazil and potential opportunities abroad.

From this memo, the companies are committed to jointly evaluate opportunities in Brazil and abroad in key areas of mutual interest, taking advantage of their recognized experience in all segments of the oil and gas chain.

In the first phase of the agreement, the companies intend to focus on the areas of E & P and G & E.

In the E & P segment, Petrobras offers partnerships in projects in Brazil, while Total will offer partnership opportunities abroad. This new alliance will allow the two companies to leverage their experience and expertise in the development of deep water to optimize the production and develop these activities in Brazil and other promising opportunities in oil and gas, sharing costs and risks in highly complex projects with high investments.

In the segment of G & E, the companies will develop joint activities in the area of natural gas and electricity in Brazil.

In a second phase, the memorandum also provides for the extension of the strategic partnership for all segments of refining and natural gas.

Currently, Petrobras has partnered with Total in 15 exploration and production consortiums, 9 in Brazil and 6 abroad. In Brazil, They are partners in the area of Libra, the first contract pre salt production sharing system, located in the Santos Basin. Abroad, they are partners in the Chinook field in the Gulf of Mexico in the US, in deep water Akpo in Nigeria and gas fields of San Alberto and San Antonio, Bolivia, besides being partners in the pipeline Bolivia-Brazil.

Petrobras, an integrated energy company focused on oil and gas, recognized as a leader in exploration and production in deep and ultra-deep waters, mainly operating in Brazil. Currently producing 2.88 million of barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Total is an integrated energy company, one of the leading international companies in the oil and gas sector and the second largest solar power operator in the world, with SunPower. Its 96,000 employees are committed to safe, clean, efficient, innovative and accessible energy to as many people as possible. Total, as a responsible corporate citizen, focuses on ensuring that its operations in more than 130 countries, producing economic, social and environmental benefits consistently.

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