Oil production in Brazil rises for 5th consecutive month and renews record with pre-salt push

ANP reported that oil production in Brazil rose for the fifth consecutive month in August, renewing a monthly record of extraction for the third time in a row, with push of Petrobras activity in the pre-salt.

Oil production in Brazil in August totaled 2.609 million barrels per day (bpd), 1.1 percent rise compared to July and 2.4 percent advance compared to the same month 2015.

Of the total, 1.099 million bpd were produced in 65 pre-salt wells operated by Petrobras, in partnership with private companies, such as Anglo-Dutch Shell.

The natural gas production in August was also a record of 108.8 million cubic meters per day (m³ / d), up 1.5 percent from July and up 9.6 percent from the same month last year. Of the total, 42.2 million m³ / d were extracted from the pre-salt.

Adding oil and natural gas, the pre-salt in August produced 1.365 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed), up 3.6 percent from July.

According to ANP, the average oil production of Petrobras in August totaled about 2.112 million bpd, 0.76 percent rise from the previous month and 0.14 percent advance compared to August 2015.

The state-owned Brazilian oil company has not published its volumes in August.

Anglo-Dutch Shell became the second largest producer in Brazil, after the completion of the purchase of the British giant BG on 15 February. Third is Repsol Sinopec.

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