Unions at Petrobras fuel unit BR Distribuidora start 5-day strike

Aug 15 Workers at BR Distribuidora, the fuel unit of Brazil’s state-owned oil company began a planned five-day strike on Monday to protest the planned sale of control of the distributor, the president of a union representing striking workers said.

Employees of BR, formally known as Petrobras Distribuidora SA, are attempting to block fuel distribution centers and administrative buildings in eight Brazilian states, and are expecting the strike to spread, said Ligia Arneiro, president of the Union of Mineral and Fuel Commercialization Workers (Sitramico-RJ).

BR said it has “adopted measures necessary to guarantee the supply of fuel securely to its service stations and other clients.”

The workers are protesting Petrobras’s decision to sell up to 51 percent of the company’s voting stock.

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