Odebrecht Oil & Gas obtains injuction to participate in Petrobras tenders

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) –  Odebrecht Oil and Gas obtained an injunction granted by the Court of Rio de Janeiro that the releases to participate in tenders for the provision of construction and assembly services for interventions in two Petrobras platforms, both in operation in the Campos Basin.

The company was prevented from participating in tenders since December 2014, together with other suppliers of the sector, suspected of involvement in a billionaire scheme of corruption investigated by Operation Lava Jato involving former executives of various companies, politicians and political parties.

With the decision taken on June 9 by Judge Fernando Fernandes, the 13th Civil Chamber of the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, the company may participate in bidding for interventions in the P-55 and P-62 platforms.

In the decision, the judge stated that the blockade has lasted over a year and a half and can put the company at risk of the activity and contribute to rising unemployment.

Justice provides for a fine of 10 million reais if Petrobras does not abide by the decision.

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