Dutch intelligence warns Russia may be preparing to sabotage offshore wind, gas and cable infrastructure in North Sea

Dutch General and Military Intelligence and Security Services (AVID and MVID) have sent a letter to the government together with an update on the latest insights into activities being covertly conducted by Russia, including those that are potentially being carried out in preparation for sabotage of the Dutch energy infrastructure in the North Sea. On... Continue Reading →

Big oil to keep capital investment taps closed despite collecting $283 bln in 2022, says Westwood

(OET) While looking into the conundrum concerning the cashflow and capex of five supermajor oil companies – BP, Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil and TotalEnergies – Westwood Global Energy, an energy market research and consultancy firm, has outlined that capital investment is lagging, even though the energy giants became efficient in generating cash from oil and gas production, enabling record... Continue Reading →

SLB wins Russia business as oilfield rivals exit after Ukraine invasion

(Reuters) - Following Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, world's largest oilfield firm SLB (SLB.N) has boosted its business in Russia by cherry-picking service and equipment contracts from rivals who left, according to company documents and people familiar with its operations. While SLB's continued embrace of Russia has drawn sharp criticism, interviews with two people close to the company... Continue Reading →

Exxon to Exit Equatorial Guinea

(Reuters) Exxon Mobil Corp will wind down oil production in Equatorial Guinea and leave the West African country after its license expires in 2026, two sources close to the matter told Reuters.  The departure reflects a wider move by major oil producers to reduce crude production in West Africa and shift investments to lower-carbon natural... Continue Reading →

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