QGEP confirms that Atlanta will have below-expected production

QGEP confirmed that the Atlanta field production was below expectations. Atlanta’s average anticipated production system was estimated to be reduced to 16,000 barrels / day of oil, 20% drop from the 20,000 barrels / day of oil forecast.

Atlanta production began on May 2 of this year. The estimate released on Friday , May 25, by the company has a margin of 10% variation.

The reduction of production estimates was caused by electrical problems in the internal pump of the 7ATL-2HP-RJS well, which has been producing 7.5 thousand to 8 thousand barrels per day of oil, different from the original projection of 10 thousand barrels / day.

The operation of the other well, 2-7ATL-2HP, is being assisted by an external pump installed in the seabed, which was already contemplated in the original project, which being further away from the reservoir, has poorer performance.

The two internal pumps have been installed for period of four years and have an average life of two and a half years.

Exploited by the Petrojarl I FPSO, Atlanta’s anticipated production system also has the possibility of connecting third well in early 2019, still under study.

For the time being, the system will continue to operate in this manner until at least the beginning of 2019. Any intervention will only be made after approval and drilling of a third well.

Source: Brazil Energy